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D'Orazio Cleaning Supply Inc. offers cleaning and janitorial supplies in Madison, WI. We can fill all your janitorial supply needs. We have a large selection of cleaning products that you can choose from. We take pride in our quality products. We sell cleanliness.

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  • Goldshield 75 Mold Inhibitor
  • Vaportek Bio-C Professional Strength Odor Controller - Breakdown Agent, Drain opener / maintainer, Grease trap maintainer for portable toilets

Bio-C goes beyond simple odor control. It is a perfect solution for drain clogs, grease trap maintenance, portable toilet treatment, and any application requiring rapid treatment. Goldshield is a revolutionary antimicrobial that kills germs on contact and then retains its effectiveness for days, weeks, and in some cases, months and even years.

You can shop online. Our company ships nationwide. We also deliver in Dane county and Madison area.

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